~Four way stops~It is now like a game. First person to hit the gas pedal has the right-of-way
~Yellow light~Now is the same as a left turn arrow
~Blinkers now come as an OPTION on all new vehicles
~Senior citizens can have dealers install a new cruise control that does not go over 35 mph. Dealers have stated that seniors that get the cruise option usually opt out on the blinkers.
~Bigger vehicles now have the right-of-way(adopted from waterway rules)
~If you are talking on your phone you must slow down and use 1 1/2 lanes.
~If you do have the blinker option on your vehicle, you may use it to let other drivers know you are getting over right NOW!
~You may leave your bright lights on at all times as long as YOU can see. You will never be at fault in any way if a blinded driver crosses the line and hits you.

This list has been compiled by Julie Wilson after many, many years of experience and extensive study.

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