Try It To Believe IT!

I really need to shout out to the whole world about the best pain reliever I have ever used! I was falling asleep one day, Dr. Oz was on, and he was doing a segment about painful joints and the best thing to do for them. Okay.....I'm awake!
You see, I have very bad arthritis. My whole family has suffered from it. My sister was crippled because of it. So.....let's see what Dr. Oz has to say! Of course, I was expecting to hear "glucossamine" which I already take daily. But no. It was a gel. Really? Are you kidding me?
Yup. A gel. Arniflora Arnica gel to be exact.
So....I get up....sluggishly stumble to the computer to do my own research on this "gel".
Well, guess what! It seems to be some sort of miracle stuff! I have to try it:)
It was thee best decision I have made in a long time.
I had pulled a muscle in my neck coloring those horrible gray roots. It was extremely painful. The no sleep kind of painful. Last time it took my neck 2 months to heal. Could not wait for my gel to arrive!!!
Well, I get home from work, see my package, and rip it open like a 5 year old Christmas morning!!! smell. How odd. Oh well. I rub it on and 5 minutes later I noticed my neck felt about 90% better. You see this arnica gel not only relieves pain, it repairs and heals. So I put it on a few more times over a couple days and guess what? Neck was 100% again! The arthritis it my hip? Forget about it!!! Feelin' good!!!
I beg everyone to just google arnica. Do your own research like I did. It is safe for 2 year olds and also pets. How wonderful is that?
No animal testing or by products.
Trainers and pro athletes use it.
It reduces bruising tremendously.
Here is the link where I found the best deal.

Arnica is also more readily available as Arnicare by Boiron at Walgreens,Walmart and on the web. Someone posted a link in the comment section and it seems to be a good price. It also comes in bath salts and pellet form, which I am giving my elderly dog for pain management. I am also using a thin layer under my eyes for puffiness and on my eyelids(DO NOT GET IT IN YOUR EYES)
I am still pain free and get "thank yous" from MANY people that now use it and love it! I carry it with me like hand lotion and constantly let people try it. Their faces look like little kids. They light up with amazement........I kind of get a kick out of it!
I have about 40 people I know using this(and their extended list of people). We have found out that it works awesome on sunburns and a guy I work with tried it on poison oak, out of desperation, and his itching stopped in 10 minutes and he was cleared up in about 24 hrs.