Meet Bungie17!

Here's a new Etsy shop! Cute kitty items all in LOVING memory of Bungie! Hope everyone that loves their fur babies will check it out! Great prices too!

Examples of items and shop link below


I went and got a routine blood test this week. I didn't know my doctor also put "urine test" on the referral!! I cracked up and told the nurse it had been over 25 years since I was asked to do that! And that time I was praying for "negative"!!! Boy it is so hard to hit that tiny cup! Then I had to pour it in a little vial!!! There was NO place to set anything down! A sink, toilet and trashcan! I'm holding the vial(because it kept rolling off the back of the toilet) in one hand and the cup in the other, peeing! So far, so good. Then came the vial. Why can't they make the cup with a little spout? Standing over the toilet-I start pouring into the vial. Guess what? They don't really hold much!!! YES!! Overflowing all over! Now remember-there is no place to set anything-I'm dripping all over(vial, cup,hands)-trying to get papertowel!! I'm just standing there!! I'm wondering where the Candid Camera crew were hiding! And how good their editing crew were!
Well, I did survive and made it through! But what happened to peeing in a cup with your name on it then leaving it on a tray for the nurse?!
Just give us somewhere to set are little urine chemistry set!!

Calling All Craft Fair People!! The PERFECT Vendor Apron!


I see over and over in the forums people asking the best way to handle their money at shows.

Well here it is! Customized and very professional! Very good price too!

Item link below-choice of natural or black and you can choose your thread color! I ordered the black with pink thread-my fave colors!!

Keep your money-receipt book(if needed)-biz cards-anything you need right where you need it!

No digging through a fanny pack!

Click the item link above or the shop link here


I have something that eats away at me everyday. I'm not sure if I should even post this. I just really feel the need to confess.
It may make people shun me. It may embarrass my friends and family. I may not HAVE any friends left after this. I might not be able to go out in public! But I really really have to confess. NO! I NEED to confess!
I am not proud of what I am going to confess to but I'm hoping to lift a weight off of myself that will make ME feel better. I feel the time in my life has come. I am old enough and wise enough to deal with the consequences of what I am going to say. I am still young enough to rebuild my reputation. So--- here it goes!!! I beg you not to judge me too harshly!
Here it is-
I am a Detroit Lions fan
There! I said it! Let the shame begin. I will now remove the bag off my head.

One Of The Greatest Moments in Life!!

A cool shower in the evening after a super hot humid day
has to be in the top 10 of lifes' great little moments!
Got the air on-fan in the bedroom-gonna pop some popcorn and watch TV in bed-OH YEAH! Life is good!
Thunderstorm warnings all around and could care less(unless cable goes out).
I will sleep like a baby on benadryl!
Night all!!

Blog vs. CHORES! Ugh!!!

Ok-I have laundry piled up, papers all over my desk and jewelry projects waiting to be done.
What am I doing? Playing with my blog and searching forums in Etsy!
I feel like a kid addicted to video games!!
I tell myself-just a few more minutes-then I'll actually get something else done.
Now what are the odds that ALL the clocks in the house are wrong-because it's only been 15 minutes(I SWEAR!!) and they moved ahead 2 hours!!
I guess I better add "call clock repair guy" to my list of chores!!
Anyone else have malfunctioning clocks? Know a good clock repair guy? Is there even such a person? Hopefully they charge by the clock and NOT per hour!
Maybe it's a conspiracy! There's a little "clock elf" running around changing all of them while I'm at my computer! I thought I heard giggling!!
I will find you little funny guy!!
Just as soon as I'm done here-just a few more minutes!!!

Found This Awesome Item!!

We all know arm/wrist warmers are really big right now! And as a Michigander I REALLY appreciate them! Especially for work! It is very cold do to open doors and I still have to be able to type! Needless to say I layer, layer, and layer again.

I have now found the perfect wrist warmer EVER on Etsy-
I love things that serve more than one purpose! These are priced great and look extremely comfortable. Plus you can store little things in them. Perfect for so many things-especially winter sports!
Great for walking the dogs! And dog walkers know you must carry those special little bags when in public spaces! Fold a couple up and stick them in these!
Here is the link to the pictured item-

Check them out! They are called Wrist Zips.
You can find them here