Christmas Again! Woo hoo!

You all know how much I LOVE Christmas decorating.  It's like jewelry EVERYWHERE!  Here are just a few pics for 2013.  I now have a small sports tree of all my favorite teams.
Plus short videos of my new Shooting Star/Dripping icicles and water fountain


Love 70% Off!!!

My favorite part of EVERY season is..........END OF YEAR  CLEARANCE!!! Yup!  If I do not NEED something I more than likely will not pay full price EVER. This beautiful garden statue is solid cement and 1 1/2 ft tall.  I paid a measly $10. Yes......$10!!!!!!

I Dream of an Outdoor Room

For 2 years I have dreamed of making an outdoor room.  When you have a small house and never go on vacation, you REALLY need a quiet place that you feel away from everything. 

Since I am a woodsy kind of gal, I decided to clean a large, neglected and overgrown area out.  I left all the outside trees surrounding it.  I really feel I could pitch a tent out there and feel like I was at a wonderful campground......well, except for the sound of traffic flying down the road.

Below is my wonderful new addition to my getaway oasis.  The frugal me got it for about 60% off.  That is NOT the reason I purchased it, though.  The style is 100% me!  It also came with a grill insert.  It burns wood or charcoal.  For the harsh Michigan winter, it will have a place on the screened in porch with a tray of candles inside.

Now......for the next thing on my list!!!

The Red Door

I have ALWAYS been conservative in my color choices.  I love modern AND the country cottage look and feel.  After painting my outdoor furniture the most beautiful red ever, I just had to paint the 50 year old front door the same color. 

How I spent my 1st vacation of the season..........

 This is from my old dinette set.  I saved 2 chairs and paired them with a stone topped wrought iron table outside.
The park bench had all new wood then a couple coats of paint.  It will sit by the bistro set. 

The bottom pic is a garden bench I grabbed for free down the road........I dry brushed it with the same paint and it looks like it was made from old barn wood.  It won't be by the other pieces.......yet it will still tie in together nicely.

When all your outdoor furniture is a hodge podge.......just grab some paint!  Paint can make anything make sense.......well, almost anything.


For 31 years I have worked at the same place.  I have driven across the county every matter what the weather was like. In Michigan that is quite an accomplishment.

Friday will be my last day with my work see, my company has built down the road from me and they have accepted my transfer.  It will be wonderful to start with new people and build some new friendships.......but it will be very hard walking out on my last day.

I finally understand what bittersweet is..................

Christmas 2012

OK......I absolutely LIVE for Christmas! The beautiful decorations, the smells and the music make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Every year I add more and more, and I am already planning for next year!! Everyone laughs at me.....or just shake their how nuts I go for after Christmas clearance.  I am such a cheapskate!!! But nobody can deny that all my frugal shopping efforts really pay off.......

I included a video of my tree because........I really suck at photographing holiday lights.......and the video shows the true sparkle.  You can never have too much glitter and sparkle at Christmas time!

 Next year will be HUGE!!!