A Wonderful Christmas Eve

I had my sisters kids over my house for Christmas Eve. It is going to be our new tradition. For quite a few years they would go to the nursing home to celebrate Christmas with their mom, who passed away in March. She suffered a stroke at a very young age and spent the last 8 years in a home.

Her one joy in her life was her grandson Eddie. He's 4 and full of life. Her face lit up whenever he was there. Tonight he was the 5th generation to play on the family piano. The piano my sister loved.

To make things even more perfect...we had deer come up to the house to snack on some birdseed. He got to see them. I told him they were reindeer taking a quick break. How perfect was that?

I hope I did my sister proud. I think it was one of the best Christmas Eves ever...at least until next year!!!

My perfect car would have.......

Remote doors(just 4 more buttons)...perfect in the rain or when your hands are full
A 12 volt plug in the trunk
A built in AC converter in dash AND trunk
A built in 12V cooler in the trunk
Fold out tables in the back seat(on the back of front seats)
A fold out table in the front that swings side to side
A built in battery charger under the hood with retractable cables
A television high on the dash
A small built in laptop
A little glove box size microwave
Start my car with my cell phone
Heated floors
Heated wipers
The option to change dash light colors
50 mpg(a girl can hope)

And I would like all this in the car I have NOW. I LOVE my car! But this list would create a stress free life:) Traffic jam? No problem...someone honk when it's time to go.

Leave a comment and add to the wishlist!