As of this moment I have 4 gadgets that always need to be charged.  This always seems to be a major chore, trying to find the correct cord and an open outlet to use. I try to keep them plugged in somewhere at all times, but, I always seem to unplug them to use the outlet for something else.

I have even plugged my phone in the bathroom while getting ready for work.....just so I won't forget it!

I searched the internet for something large enough, modern enough and priced within reach. You guessed it......a big fat "0"!

Hmmmm......trying to use my tired old brain.........

GOT IT!!!!

My breadbox was from 2 kitchen styles ago.  It was teak wood with cute little cut-out hearts. Does not go with my kitchen now......sooooooo........with a drill and a little high gloss black spray paint.......I now have a charging station which I absolutely love more than anything I could have bought........

As you can see from the pics below, there is plenty of room inside the box to store all the extra adapters and batteries.  Slots for 7 devices(should be plenty) and looks sleek with the door closed!

Everything is now in one place right by the front door! Cost to me? $7 for the power strip with USB plugs!
I had the breadbox and spray paint already.  

Michigan in the Fall!!!!!!

Around the time of the year!
I absolutely love Michigan!