~Four way stops~It is now like a game. First person to hit the gas pedal has the right-of-way
~Yellow light~Now is the same as a left turn arrow
~Blinkers now come as an OPTION on all new vehicles
~Senior citizens can have dealers install a new cruise control that does not go over 35 mph. Dealers have stated that seniors that get the cruise option usually opt out on the blinkers.
~Bigger vehicles now have the right-of-way(adopted from waterway rules)
~If you are talking on your phone you must slow down and use 1 1/2 lanes.
~If you do have the blinker option on your vehicle, you may use it to let other drivers know you are getting over right NOW!
~You may leave your bright lights on at all times as long as YOU can see. You will never be at fault in any way if a blinded driver crosses the line and hits you.

This list has been compiled by Julie Wilson after many, many years of experience and extensive study.

Mighty Fixit Review

Hi everyone~
Doesn't it seem like everything breaks or needs some sort of repair on the weekend? Or when you are short on cash?
We like to keep things well stocked for emergencies in our house. Its like a mini hardware store around here.
I was very excited when I came across honest reviews of Mighty Fixit. Seems to be something that really works for quick electrical and plumbing repairs. I honestly can't wait to get it. I am hoping for a leak in a pipe to test it out myself. LOL!
HOWEVER~~receiving it seems to be the problem. I ordered it directly from the Mighty Fixit website on 6/1/10.
On 6/20/10 I emailed their customer support to inquire if it had been shipped.
I did receive a quick response, which is great. But they informed me that it was out of stock.
Excuse me! It's the ONLY THING THEY SELL!!!
No email to inform me of this. My money was in stock for them!!! That's like Dairy Queen not having ice cream. Or McDonalds not having hamburgers! Their ads are still everywhere, yet they have none? This stuff better be worth it!
If anyone is thinking about ordering it, I suggest emailing them and get it in writing, that it is in stock first. Don't call them. You want proof of their reply.
I have received it! Look for a review of the product soon!
I have it wrapped on a drippy pipe by the water heater and it works perfectly!! I see many uses for this awesome wrap:) Finally something that does what it claims to do. I wish that were true for wrinkle creams..LOL!

Me and My Gadgets!

I carry huge purses. Kinda hard to find things sometimes. Ok~ALL the time. I found this cute little LED light on Ebay. Its the size of a credit card. Yeah, I know~reduce my loyalty cards, then add something else. ANYWAY~~ The center is shaped like a light bulb and when you flip it up~you can see!!! Just ordered it, so when I get it I will give a review on it. It was only .99 w/free shipping. So if it breaks I won't cry TOO much. LOL!
I really hope it works 'cuz I am SUCH a gadget geek!
I received mine. Very lightweight and easy to use. Kind of an orange color light but works great in the dark without disturbing anyone. Enough to find what you need in your purse. It will fit perfectly in your wallet. Mine came in a very nice heavy holder that it can be kept in and put in a purse pocket. So far I like it. Seems kind of fragile. May not take any abuse. But if kept in wallet I don't foresee any problem. Just don't let kids play with it.

Wish I Could Afford This!!

I love very modern things and cool gadgets. Even if I could afford one the miser in me wouldn't allow it~LOL!!! Talkin' 'bout the new Dyson fan. Check it out~just for fun; or get one and tell me how wonderful it is! LOL!!!
NO!! WAIT! Don't tell me. I might want one even more!!!!!

Get Organized Folks!

I am an organizing AND cool gadget junkie!! I knew there just had to be a nice holder for all those ANNOYING key cards we all have. And I was RIGHT!!! You can order them below~

If you don't like those keychain cards at all you can put them all on one card(bottom pic) at the website below. It was featured on Good Morning America.
I'm gonna use both. I'm the "gotta have a back-up" girl. I'll keep the KeyRingThing card under my keyboard to use for online purchases. I won't have to grab my purse every time. Some of my discount cards are old and didn't come with a keychain card. I'll get one with those combined on one card also.
Ooh~I feel my purse getting lighter already!!!
I have received my keyfobber and absolutely LOVE it!! Highly recommend it if you have alot of key cards.
I have also received my keyringthing card and so far the bar codes work! Highly recommend this. Order one for the glovebox too. Its only your loyalty shopper barcodes. If those wear out they don't replace them. They give you a new number. So if you get a keyringthing card you can save your original cards.