Me and My Gadgets!

I carry huge purses. Kinda hard to find things sometimes. Ok~ALL the time. I found this cute little LED light on Ebay. Its the size of a credit card. Yeah, I know~reduce my loyalty cards, then add something else. ANYWAY~~ The center is shaped like a light bulb and when you flip it up~you can see!!! Just ordered it, so when I get it I will give a review on it. It was only .99 w/free shipping. So if it breaks I won't cry TOO much. LOL!
I really hope it works 'cuz I am SUCH a gadget geek!
I received mine. Very lightweight and easy to use. Kind of an orange color light but works great in the dark without disturbing anyone. Enough to find what you need in your purse. It will fit perfectly in your wallet. Mine came in a very nice heavy holder that it can be kept in and put in a purse pocket. So far I like it. Seems kind of fragile. May not take any abuse. But if kept in wallet I don't foresee any problem. Just don't let kids play with it.

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