Lovin' The New Downy

I absolutely love, love, LOVE the new improved Downy!
It is supposed to smell fresh for a week.
Well, I washed all of our throws, preparing for our chilly Michigan fall.
It has been TWO weeks and every time I grab one I can still smell it.......aahhhhh. I think I put a little extra in now just because it smells so good.
Now if they would just come out with a carpet freshener. Hey...that reminds me! I have throw rugs I can wash! Yea!!!!!
FYI TIP....I have used liquid fabric softener mixed with water in my potpourri burner
Freshens the whole house. It smells like you have been doing laundry all day..LOL!

More Waste of Taxpayers Money in Michigan

I just need to vent a little(please read the article). My great state of Michigan, which has a ban on baiting deer, is wasting money going after someone that has deer eating from his bird feeder. The case was tossed but they are wasting even more $$ by appealing the decision.

They expect this man to prevent it somehow. Hmmm. Does that mean everyone with fruit trees, gardens, bird feeders, etc, should expect to end up in court?

The deer are actually owned by the state. So maybe THEY should control them. Maybe people should sue the state of Michigan when their gardens are destroyed. Or when their vehicle is totaled from hitting one of the state's deer. They obviously feel this is possible.

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A Girls Best Friend

Twist ties and duct tape!!!! Two of the best inventions EVER! Notice how they have not changed? Ever?
That's because they are already perfect. No room for improvement.

Not what you expected, huh? You thought I was going to write about chocolate or diamonds, didn't ya?

Well I save all my twist ties that I can. I use them to tie cords, especially on seasonal appliances like fans and space heaters when they are packed away. And all those cords for media? All streamlined! Woohoo! Cords in the junk drawer are nice and neat, even though I have NO idea what they all go to. LOL!!

And the best thing I ever did with duct tape(I have a few colors) was fix this annoying hole inside a purse. Quick, easy and out the door. No more fishing for items under the lining!

Oh I just love my twist ties and duct tape! I can conquer the world with you by my side:)

Honoring The Victoms of 9/11-We Will NEVER Forget

This truck driver has all the names of the victims from 9/11 on his truck. The police pull him over just to have their picture taken by it.

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