A Girls Best Friend

Twist ties and duct tape!!!! Two of the best inventions EVER! Notice how they have not changed? Ever?
That's because they are already perfect. No room for improvement.

Not what you expected, huh? You thought I was going to write about chocolate or diamonds, didn't ya?

Well I save all my twist ties that I can. I use them to tie cords, especially on seasonal appliances like fans and space heaters when they are packed away. And all those cords for media? All streamlined! Woohoo! Cords in the junk drawer are nice and neat, even though I have NO idea what they all go to. LOL!!

And the best thing I ever did with duct tape(I have a few colors) was fix this annoying hole inside a purse. Quick, easy and out the door. No more fishing for items under the lining!

Oh I just love my twist ties and duct tape! I can conquer the world with you by my side:)

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