Somehow my very favorite summer tank top came out of the wash with something all over it. A few other things did too, but I REALLY love this shirt so that was my main focus. And let me add that I did not notice these stains until AFTER it came out of the dryer..........I know.........not good.

I tried AWESOME(which I love)......nothing:(

SHOUT......forget it.

I bought OXI Max.......still nothing. I even let it set for at least 24 hours with these stain removers.

So off to the great wealth of intellect in the great big world called Google. Wow are there a lot of things people swear by. It was stain remover overload!!!

I narrowed it down by using the things I had in the house. Peroxide and Dawn dish soap. 1 part Dawn to 2 parts peroxide. I did go splurge on a pretty pink(of course) small spray bottle. Sprayed my fave shirt and set it aside until the next day. Then I sprayed it some more, threw it in the wash and crossed my fingers........

Yup.......99% gone after 2 weeks of trying:) I say 99% because I know where the stains were and I can ever so slightly see them. No one else would ever know. And these were bright blue stains on pale pink.

So, I guess not all the fancy dancy store bought products are always better. I will use my new stain removing miracle instead! And if you would like a paste to scrub into stains, all you have to do is add baking soda to the mixture.

So don't throw out those stained clothes!!!! They can be saved!!!!!