Mighty Fixit Review

Hi everyone~
Doesn't it seem like everything breaks or needs some sort of repair on the weekend? Or when you are short on cash?
We like to keep things well stocked for emergencies in our house. Its like a mini hardware store around here.
I was very excited when I came across honest reviews of Mighty Fixit. Seems to be something that really works for quick electrical and plumbing repairs. I honestly can't wait to get it. I am hoping for a leak in a pipe to test it out myself. LOL!
HOWEVER~~receiving it seems to be the problem. I ordered it directly from the Mighty Fixit website on 6/1/10.
On 6/20/10 I emailed their customer support to inquire if it had been shipped.
I did receive a quick response, which is great. But they informed me that it was out of stock.
Excuse me! It's the ONLY THING THEY SELL!!!
No email to inform me of this. My money was in stock for them!!! That's like Dairy Queen not having ice cream. Or McDonalds not having hamburgers! Their ads are still everywhere, yet they have none? This stuff better be worth it!
If anyone is thinking about ordering it, I suggest emailing them and get it in writing, that it is in stock first. Don't call them. You want proof of their reply.
I have received it! Look for a review of the product soon!
I have it wrapped on a drippy pipe by the water heater and it works perfectly!! I see many uses for this awesome wrap:) Finally something that does what it claims to do. I wish that were true for wrinkle creams..LOL!

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