Get Organized Folks!

I am an organizing AND cool gadget junkie!! I knew there just had to be a nice holder for all those ANNOYING key cards we all have. And I was RIGHT!!! You can order them below~

If you don't like those keychain cards at all you can put them all on one card(bottom pic) at the website below. It was featured on Good Morning America.
I'm gonna use both. I'm the "gotta have a back-up" girl. I'll keep the KeyRingThing card under my keyboard to use for online purchases. I won't have to grab my purse every time. Some of my discount cards are old and didn't come with a keychain card. I'll get one with those combined on one card also.
Ooh~I feel my purse getting lighter already!!!
I have received my keyfobber and absolutely LOVE it!! Highly recommend it if you have alot of key cards.
I have also received my keyringthing card and so far the bar codes work! Highly recommend this. Order one for the glovebox too. Its only your loyalty shopper barcodes. If those wear out they don't replace them. They give you a new number. So if you get a keyringthing card you can save your original cards.

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