My perfect car would have.......

Remote doors(just 4 more buttons)...perfect in the rain or when your hands are full
A 12 volt plug in the trunk
A built in AC converter in dash AND trunk
A built in 12V cooler in the trunk
Fold out tables in the back seat(on the back of front seats)
A fold out table in the front that swings side to side
A built in battery charger under the hood with retractable cables
A television high on the dash
A small built in laptop
A little glove box size microwave
Start my car with my cell phone
Heated floors
Heated wipers
The option to change dash light colors
50 mpg(a girl can hope)

And I would like all this in the car I have NOW. I LOVE my car! But this list would create a stress free life:) Traffic jam? No problem...someone honk when it's time to go.

Leave a comment and add to the wishlist!

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