I Dream of an Outdoor Room

For 2 years I have dreamed of making an outdoor room.  When you have a small house and never go on vacation, you REALLY need a quiet place that you feel away from everything. 

Since I am a woodsy kind of gal, I decided to clean a large, neglected and overgrown area out.  I left all the outside trees surrounding it.  I really feel I could pitch a tent out there and feel like I was at a wonderful campground......well, except for the sound of traffic flying down the road.

Below is my wonderful new addition to my getaway oasis.  The frugal me got it for about 60% off.  That is NOT the reason I purchased it, though.  The style is 100% me!  It also came with a grill insert.  It burns wood or charcoal.  For the harsh Michigan winter, it will have a place on the screened in porch with a tray of candles inside.

Now......for the next thing on my list!!!

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