Blog vs. CHORES! Ugh!!!

Ok-I have laundry piled up, papers all over my desk and jewelry projects waiting to be done.
What am I doing? Playing with my blog and searching forums in Etsy!
I feel like a kid addicted to video games!!
I tell myself-just a few more minutes-then I'll actually get something else done.
Now what are the odds that ALL the clocks in the house are wrong-because it's only been 15 minutes(I SWEAR!!) and they moved ahead 2 hours!!
I guess I better add "call clock repair guy" to my list of chores!!
Anyone else have malfunctioning clocks? Know a good clock repair guy? Is there even such a person? Hopefully they charge by the clock and NOT per hour!
Maybe it's a conspiracy! There's a little "clock elf" running around changing all of them while I'm at my computer! I thought I heard giggling!!
I will find you little funny guy!!
Just as soon as I'm done here-just a few more minutes!!!

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