I went and got a routine blood test this week. I didn't know my doctor also put "urine test" on the referral!! I cracked up and told the nurse it had been over 25 years since I was asked to do that! And that time I was praying for "negative"!!! Boy it is so hard to hit that tiny cup! Then I had to pour it in a little vial!!! There was NO place to set anything down! A sink, toilet and trashcan! I'm holding the vial(because it kept rolling off the back of the toilet) in one hand and the cup in the other, peeing! So far, so good. Then came the vial. Why can't they make the cup with a little spout? Standing over the toilet-I start pouring into the vial. Guess what? They don't really hold much!!! YES!! Overflowing all over! Now remember-there is no place to set anything-I'm dripping all over(vial, cup,hands)-trying to get papertowel!! I'm just standing there!! I'm wondering where the Candid Camera crew were hiding! And how good their editing crew were!
Well, I did survive and made it through! But what happened to peeing in a cup with your name on it then leaving it on a tray for the nurse?!
Just give us somewhere to set are little urine chemistry set!!

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  1. LOL,i know what you mean!