I Love My Cats, REALLY I Do!

As I'm sitting here typing on this blog-my wonderful Lotto has decided it is time to mess with mama! He's sitting right next to me, right now. We're talking about a cat that can open drawers and doors. Not big drawers, those plastic organizer ones. He's taken an eyelash curler, from one in the bathroom, and played with it. He has also taken my BC pills out to bat around. I was glad we didn't have company!!
Right now he's going after pens, tools, bills(he can keep those!) He's trying to take my glasses off my face(he also does that at night when I'm reading in bed). Oh, now the headphones!! Little shit's purring the whole time!!!!
He gets in these moods once in awhile. Don't tell me he's doing it for attention, he gets lots of that!
Daddy's just laughing-I don't see what is so funny.
Damn it Lotto!
Oh, ok, kissy kissy. I love you too. Sorry mama yelled at ya.

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