Good Times!! GO BLUE!

We had a little fun at work this week do to the Michigan-Michigan State game this weekend. I'm true blue and Karen is a Sparty. We tried to one up each other all week! I put GO BLUE!! as the screen saver on the computer she uses. I put a jersey shaped bottle cozy on her back window wiper blade(she drove all around with it on there!LOL). I sent someone to tape a sign on her back that said GO BLUE! Had her for a couple minutes until another Sparty told her it was there!! She put a donut in front of me with green frosting and a big white S! She called my extension CONSTANTLY blaring the State fight song!
We laughed so hard even when one of our evil attempts failed!
I'm looking forward to April Fools Day!! She didn't work there last year-and I hold the record with 22 people I got last year. And YES! I keep score!
Monday morning could be VERY interesting!
GO BLUE!!!!!

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