My Favorite Little App

I am SUCH an organizing junkie!  I want everything in the easiest and smallest space possible.  So, of course I HATE all those loyalty cards I have to carry.  HATE THEM!!! I have been using The Key Ring Thing for a few years and I love it.   Six cards on one.

But now I have discovered the Key Ring app.  All your cards right on your phone, in alphabetical order.  Tap, scan and on your way.  If it doesn't scan it will pop up your number in a large font broken into sets of three numbers for the cashier to easily hand enter it.

You can also get that store's latest ads and deals and make your shopping list.  How have I ever lived without it?

Just to make it easy for ya, here is the app link

Plus, the organizing junkie in me just had to get these phone wallets below.  You can use your phone while it is in the pouch.  You only need to take it out to use the camera feature. It works great!  Do not know how long it will last, though.

The double set is from an actual infomercial(my first purchase from one) and I will warn you.......I have been getting annoying calls from one number since.  Upon researching it, I learned it might be tied to this purchase.  You might want to purchase when they wind up at other retailers.

The funky pink one from Charm 14 is a MUCH brighter pink than pictured.  It does not have an accordion style inside, however it holds a LOT.  It has two pockets and an elastic loop, which I use for lip balm.  I also do not like the strap that came with it.  It does not stay in place when adjusted.  

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