2013/14 A Winter To Remember

Hi everyone! I hope you are all surviving this bitter snowy winter.  Well, except for people in Alaska.  They seem to be having more of a fall kind of winter.

As for me, I am in beautiful Michigan.  We have set many records this winter. Coldest, that's for sure.  But we also have more snow than any other state this year.  Yeah us!!!

Now, I normally love winter, don't get me wrong.  But this year's bitterness has made me rethink my wardrobe. I can now go outside no matter HOW cold it is or how much snow we have, and not have one square inch of skin exposed.  I have actually worn out some long johns.  I know, how sexy is THAT?

So, here are some stay warm tips from a life long Michigander.......everything listed can be obtained in your favorite colors, my preference is black so I can change up the color of the accessories.  We all know that it's all about the accessories.

  ***The following items I listed are MY actual items/brands I am using.  I am not "endorsing" any particular company.  There are many options available for everything listed.  Don't ever worry about labels.  If it looks good on you, keeps you warm and you like it, it doesn't matter where it comes from.  

Cover that butt up!  And cover it GOOD!  A must have is a long puffer coat that goes down to your knees, or hell, even your ankles. One with a detachable hood would be excellent.  They are waterproof and windproof, a must when the snow is heavy and wet.  The other alternative is a cute short jacket with a pair of ski bibs.
Sorry, this one is mine. Can't have it!

Leg gaiters........you may THINK your boots are tall enough, but so did I.  Gaiters go from your ankles to your knees and the snow will be banned from your boots. Plus, if you have jeans on, getting the bottom of them soaked is NOT good.

They only need to be waterproof and air tight

BOOTS!!!  A great pair of winter boots with Thinsulate and extra room for a heavy pair of thermal socks.  Insulated boot liners come in handy also.  But for shopping and such I have 2 pair of cute Dawgs in chestnut and black.  I have sock liners/boot toppers for extra warmth.  Hey, gotta have SOME style in winter and I think they look cute with my puffer coat.

I very highly recommend a fleece hoodie scarf with pockets.......got mine on Ebay very cheap.  It is so warm I only need it when it is below zero.  One side is much longer than the other, so when you wrap the scarf around the pockets are perfectly matched at the right length.

180's Ear Grips!  Men and women......GET SOME!  Many many styles to choose from.  They are adjustable and so comfortable.  Won't mess up the 'do either.  They even have them with built in ear buds and even a bluetooth set.  These things are pure genius.

Now, my big dilemma this year was.......finding warm gloves that are touch screen friendly.  There are MANY out there.  Just not warm ones(sigh).  Most are good for below freezing, but not single digits or below.  And if your hands are dry, they are not going to work, and we know what winter weather does to our skin.  I think I have found the best pair I possibly can.  180s TecTouch fleece lined gloves. They have little ports to blow into to warm the digits. BRILLIANT!  They also have little touch pods so you can text away without taking them off.
Now the face.....Get yourself one of those cute little face masks the snowboarders wear.  When that bitter wind is blowing, it FEELS like you're flying down a hill.  Then add some cute large sunglasses and you are done!

And ladies, long johns are not just for the guys.  They are very cute and worth their weight in gold.  Or try some fleece lined leggings. A little sexier. I have been told that Under Armor is soooo much better.  For me?  Cheap thermal underwear works just fine.  I do not get cold wearing them, and I am also afraid of being TOO warm.

Fleece or flannel lined jeans.......OH so toasty!  It has been so cold here I have worn my long johns WITH my flannel lined jeans.  Just don't stay inside too long with them on!

Love flannel sheets in the winter?  Who doesn't, right?  Well, may I suggest FLEECE sheets?  Trust me!!  You'll never go back to flannel.  While on the subject of bedding you MUST get a Berkshire Fluffy extra long throw.  But get the 2 pack from QVC or there could be some fights.  Gave them as Christmas gifts last year and they were a HUGE hit.  Warmest throw EVER!  Strange part is......it is super lightweight.  

Now the furbabies.  A little jacket and an infinity scarf should do the trick.  They also make leg warmers for pups. My dog said NO to boots, but her sherpa jacket and infinity scarf should be fine.  And for the cats.......they just fight me for my Fluffy throw.  They don't go outside, so they have it made.  They just give dirty looks when you open the door and let the cold in.

 This is my Seda girl
Only 4.99 for this scarf. Looks great with her jacket!

In the trunk of my car I have a medium size storage box with the following items.....a milk jug of cat litter, a jug of thawing salt, a fold up snow shovel, glow sticks and magnetic holder, two small marker cones, spare gloves, socks, hat, blanket, crank cell phone charger, ice grippers for boots,  extra snow brush, flashlight,  jumper cables, anti-freeze and windshield washer fluid.  I don't need to travel far, so I do not keep water or food, but you might want to add some.  I also have the AAA app on my phone for quick and easy access.  By the way......you don't need to have their insurance to get the roadside membership.  Just remember, in a weather emergency you might be waiting for a tow truck for quite awhile.  A good puzzle book and pen/pencil might be a nice idea.  Save that phone battery and stay off Facebook until you are safe and sound!

NOW!  Here are some pics from beautiful Michigan this year.........and by the way......our fall is also amazingly beautiful.  I would never want to live anywhere else.

My yard!

Downtown Flint MI


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