Ban Inhumane Traps!

This topic is the most near and dear to my heart!

"I know of no sight more sorrowful than that of these unoffending animals as they are seen in the torture grip of these traps." - Charles Darwin

If you ever see an animal in a conibear trap I feel sorry for you if it doesn't bother you!

I can't believe that in todays society that they are still legal!

My biggest wish before I die is to see these traps banned 100%. I am starting in my state of Michigan!

I've made flyers-business cards-t shirts-window clings! I believe if people are educated about them they will be banned. I don't think people know trapping is still practiced!
PLEASE do the research as I have! It will break your heart!!

I'm pleading with Michigan animal lovers to email their state reps and request a ban on conibear(spine crushing), leghold traps and snares.

This is NOT anti-hunting!!! Trapping is NOT hunting! It is cruelty!!

Please check out this blog below
It has info, stats, links and photos


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