Great Foundation Finds

As a woman closing in on the big 5-0, with large pores, dry skin, dark circles and those annoying fine wrinkles(OMG will the list EVER end?), I am constantly trying new foundations. The ones available to everyone at drugstores are the ones I mostly try. They are in most women's budgets.

I have two new ones that I really like! I use them together. The first is Revlon PhotoReady foundation(spf 20). It really reduces my pores. It doesn't feel heavy at all, yet gives great coverage, even for dark under eye circles:) It also has a very sanitary, easy to control pump.

Then I usually follow with a loose powder to set the foundation. However....I am now using ANOTHER foundation for this job. It is Revlon ColorStay Aqua(spf 13). A mineral foundation. It has a self contained brush in the lid, very sanitary. It also has sparklies for a luminescent look. And you really feel the "aqua" part when you apply it. You don't need much if you use it to finish your foundation.

This combination seems to last all day. However, summer is around the corner, and then we will have the sweat test. I have had good luck in the summer with ColorStay products, so I am confident this one will be just fine.

Aging sucks! But thanks to Revlon we can fool some people! LOL!! With everything on the market and all the technology, we can cover and shrink 10 years away!!! When that doesn't work...accessorize!!! Take the focus away from you with clothes and jewelry!!!LOL!!!!

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