Getting old SUCKS!

Ok. I've been wearing dollar store readers for a few years now. They are so perfect for a mizer like myself, that also has to color coordinate everything. I have readers for every outfit and every occasion. HOWEVER.........I found them so inconvenient AND highly breakable. They were also making my eyes WORSE. I couldn't even read prices in stores. Which to a cheapskate, I mean MIZER, like myself, that is a sin.

So...I broke down and went to an eye doctor, aka eyeglass salesman.

Let's just say my insurance was geared more toward prices in the 1970s. My mouth dropped when I heard the total. They are probably worth more than my good old compact car!!! Hell, just the lenses are!!!

Anyway.....I got those fancy dancy progressive lenses. Yes. I can see again and the glasses actually stay on. But here is where the fun begins.

First...I can't stop wearing them low on the nose(kinda sounds like a rap song) They sort of DO NOT work that way.

Second....If I move too fast things kinda go wacky for a second. Especially my computer screen. They make even more fancy dancy lenses for this purpose, but I said NO! Can't fathom what THEY would have cost!

Third...Where the hell did my peripheal vision go?

Fourth...I'm not sure I WANT to see everything THIS good!

Alright. I know it takes time to get used to these. Everyone has told me this. But I hope I don't get pulled over and asked to walk a straight line. I could be the 1st person arrested for failing a sobriety test and be sober! LOL!!!!! I can see them smacking their breathylizer and assuming it was broken. "Sorry ma'am. We're gonna have to take ya down to the station while we check out our equipment."

Boy does getting old SUCK!!

The frames ARE super cute though.

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